Black jack

Blackjack is a very popular game in casinos, bars and night clubs. Many bars and night clubs offer the games since it is a popular game that is very easy to provide. Blackjack tables are relatively cheap and it is easy to find trained dealers. If you cant find a trained dealer then it is easy to train one.

black jackBlackjack is a realy easy game to learn to play. A common misconception about this game is that the goal is to get as close to 21 as possible (without going over). This is not the case. It does not matter how close to 21 you get. The only goal is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. The best possible hand is blackjack. If you get blackjack you win unless the dealer also get a blackjack in which case you tie.

If you play in a casino than you will usually get your money back if you tie the dealer. If you play in a bar or night club then you will usually loose when this happens. This difference in rules gives the bank a lot bigger edge. It is also very common that bar games offer a side game. This games is usually a simple over / under game. You should predict if your hand will be over or under a certain value. This games offer a large edge for the bank but can despite this offer immense value to the skilled gambler.

How to play blackjack

Black jack is an easy game to play. You can learn the rules in a few minutes. The object of the game is to beat the dealer. Its does not necessarily matter what cards you have. The only thing that matters is that you beat the dealer. If the dealer bust then you can win with any hand. If neither the dealer nor the player bust then the winner is whoever has the hand that is closets to 21.

If you get 21 in two cards you get black jack. Black jack beats everything except another blackjack.

The game start with the player placing his bet. The dealer will start dealing cards once the table has been closed for new bets. The dealer will deal two cards to each hand and two cards for himself. The players cards will be face up. One of the dealers card will be  face up and one face down. The dealer will check for Blackjack if he has a ten (T,J,Q,K) or an Ace All player looses if the dealer gets black jack. The one exception from this rule is if a player has black jack. The exact rules can vary from casino to casino.

The dealer then turns to the player playing the first hand. The player get his chance to act and decide how he wants to play his hands. Depending on the situation the player can hit, stand, split or double. Once the player stands the action moves on to the next hand. You can play one or several hands on the same table.

The dealer will reveal his second card once all the other players have made their decisions. In some casinos he will not deal himself his second card until at this point of the game. The total value of the cards will decide what the dealer does next. He needs to hit and stand according to strict rules based on the value of his hand. All hands wins if the dealer bust.

Once the game is over the dealer will pay the winning hand and collect the chips from the loosing hands.

black jack gameMost black jack games offer an insurance. You are offered to buy the insurance if the dealer shows an ace. The insurance cost half your bet and protect you against a black jack. The insurance is lost if the dealer doesn’t get a black jack. It is never a good idea to buy the insurance.

Optimal Strategy

It is very important that you learn how to play using optimal strategy. Learn the strategy well enough to be able to use optimal strategy without having to think about it. Make it second nature. It is very important that you always stick to the optimal strategy. It can be tempting to ignore it with a loaded deck but you can never know what the next card is going to be so you should always stick to the strategical optimal play.

You should always learn the advanced optimal strategy. The simplified strategy is easier and it can be tempting to use it since the difference in return (less than 0.2%) might seem inconsequential. The truth is however that this small difference will make a huge difference over time. The difference between using the regular optimal strategy and the simplified strategy can be several hundreds or even thousands of dollars per session. This is especially true if you play with high stakes or long sections.

Earning in a bar or Nightclub

Black Jack is one of the very best games to play in a bar. It is a game that can be consistently beaten if you know what you are doing and choose the right games. It is good to have a drink in your hand and appear more intoxicated than you really are when you are gambling in bar. If they think you are drunk then that will mask the fact that you are counting cards and taking advantage of the table Your erratic betting and pauses will look like they are a part of your alcohol consumption. Not as an advanced gambling strategy.

Any table with a regular shoe and manual shuffling can be beaten but if you have the choice you should chose a table with an over-under side game. This tables allow you t win more money quicker.

You should start by observing the game. You should keep track of all the 10s that are dealt. You do this to know when to start playing. You are looking for a table with a shoe that is at least 2/3 dealt and that is heavily loaded with 10s. Aces are also good but not necessary when you use this strategy.

A loaded deck will allow you to earn a lot of money from the over / under game. With a lot of 10s in the deck you will get a high percentage of over hands. A loaded deck is also beneficial for the basic game. This all allow you to win a lot of money quickly. This is especially true if you combine your betting with the martingale system where you double your bet every time you loose both the hand and the side bet.

Leave the table to do some drinking when the shoe is finished and the cards shuffled. You should also leave the table if the majority of 10s have been dealt. Spend some time drinking until the deck is loaded again. Nurture your drinks and make it appear like you drink more than you actually are. Do not get so drunk that you are unable to play your best.