Casino Bonus

casinoOnline casinos offer bonuses to new players. Almost all casinos will give you a bonus when you make your first deposit. Most casinos will give you a cash bonus but a low number like the Swedish casino will only give you free spins. The most generous online casinos give you a no deposit bonus. A bonus that you get simply by registering. You never need to deposit any money.

On this page I am going to tell you more about different types of bonuses and teach you every thing you need to know before you accept a bonus. When you have read this article you will know how to tell a generous bonus from a less generous one. You will know which bonuses you should accept and which bonuses that are best avoided.

Should I choose a large bonus?

No. You should always try to find a good casino. Do not let the size of the bonus  guide you when you choose a casino. Simply choose the best casino you can find and accept whatever bonus they offer.

What makes a generous bonus?

A generous bonus is a bonus that features a low wager requirement. If several casinos offer the same wager requirement than the most generous bonus of the two is the largest ones. If you know that you are going to wager a large amount of money then it doesn’t matter if a bonus is generous or not. In this case you should just look for the largest possible bonus.

What is the wager requirement?

The wager requirement is the amount you need to wager before a bonus is truly yours. Until the requirement is met you will be unable to withdraw your bonus. In some casinos you might not be able to touch any money in your account before you have met the wager requirement.

How do I calculate the wager requirement?

casino bonus

The wager requirement are calculated differently in different casinos. You will need to read the fine print in the individual casino to learn how the wager requirement is calculated in your specific casino. Some casinos calculate the bonus requirement on the bonus alone while other casinos calculate it on the combined value of the bonus and the deposit.

Lets assume that the casino calculate the wager requirement on the bonus alone and that they require you to wager the bonus 35 times. Let further assume that you received a bonus worth $200.

Your wager requirement will be 200*35= 7000.

This is the basic wager requirement. All games are however not created equally and some bets are not counted with their full value towards the wager requirement. Some games might not count at all. Read the fine print in the casino to find out the value of different games. Lets assume that you want to play blackjack and that black jack is worth 10% in the casino where you play.

In this case you will need to include this in your calculation.

The bonus requirement if you play blackjack will be 200*35/0.10= 70 000. If you play black jack you will need to bet $70 000 before you meet the wager requirement.

Should I accept the Bonus?

That depends. You should only accept a bonus if you feel certain that you will be able to met the wager requirement within a reasonable time period and you are sure that you are not going to need your money before you met the wager requirement. Do not let the wager requirement force you to play  with higher sums than you would normally want to play with. Do not accept a bonus if you fear that it will make you bet and loose more than you can afford.

Different Types of Bonuses

Below you can read about some of the most common types of casino bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is a bonus that you only will find in a limit amount of different casinos. The no deposit bonus is a small bonus that you get completely free and that you can use to try whether you like gambling or not. Most no deposit bonuses are small.

To get a no deposit bonus you will need to register an account and verify you email in an casino that offer an no deposit bonus. You usually don’t have to enter your credit card. I recommend signing up for the no deposit bonus in all casinos that offer one.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is usually the largest bonus that an online casino offer. You get the bonus when you make your first deposit. The welcome bonus can sometimes be worth several thousands. Most welcome bonuses are defined as a percentage off your first deposit up to a maximum bonus.

A casino might offer 300% up to $450. What this means is that you can get a total of $450 in bonus. To get this you have to deposit $150 into your account. $150 * 300 = $450. If you deposit 150 you will get 600 to play for (450+150).

Refill Bonus

A refill bonus works exactly as most welcome bonus with the important difference that you get them when you choose to refill your account with more money. Some casinos offer refill bonuses on a regular basis and a low number even offer it as a permanent feature.

Log-in Bonus

A log in bonus is a bonus that you receive if you log in on a certain day. Some casinos offer log in bonuses on a weekly basis. Log in bonuses are usually very small but are despite this very generous since all you have to do to get one is to log in to your account. It is very common that log in bonuses consist off free spins.

Other types of bonuses

The above is only a few examples of the most popular types of bonuses. There are many other types of bonuses available in online casinos. The casinos are constantly developing new types of bonuses to promote desirable behavior among their players. Always read all the fine print before you accept any bonus. This is true regardless of whether it is a new type of bonus or a bonus you have accepted before. Read the instructions every time you are going to accept a bonus. You never know when the casino might change the bonus rules.