Nothing that I describe on this page is cheating and I do not condone of any type of cheating. The difference between what I recommend here and cheating is that cheating manipulates the game. My techniques makes the most of the game as it has been set up by the establishment.

cheatingEverything I talk about on this website is 100% legal and it is nothing that you can get in legal problem for. With that said it should be mention that casinos frown upon many of these techniques and you risk getting banned from establishments where you use them.

A true gambler never cheats, he is simply better at the game than the casino.

With this said it can be good to learn as much about cheating as you can. If you know how to cheat you can spot others who are cheating or trying to cheat you. Many cheating techniques are easy to spot if you know what to look for. Others, such as certain types of card manipulation are almost impossible to discover even if you know what to look for. These methods do however require thousands of hours of training and is a lot less common than easier methods that can be used to cheat.

This is one of the main reasons not to cheat (disregarding the moral aspect). If you use easily learned methods then it is easy to spot that you cheat and you are likely to get caught sooner or later. If you get caught you might end up in jail or worse.

If you use a method that is more advanced and harder to spot thean you will need to spend thousands of hours training to perfect the techniques. This time can be used to master the game itself to the point where you do not need to cheat to win a lot of money. It is usually easier to become successfully while following the rules then it is to become a successful cheat. This is especially true when it comes to games such as poker.

If you become a master of your trade there is never any need to cheat and you do not need to worry about getting caught and put in jail. You also do not need to worry about changed security routines. It is always better to become a great gambler than it is to become a great cheat.