Online Casino

If you enjoy playing casino games and live in an area where there are no casinos then we recommend that you start playing online. It is true that bars and nightclubs do offer casino games but the selection of games you can find there are usually rather low. Another problem with casino games in bars is that the environment often leaves a lot to be desired. The venue is designed for drink and dancing. Not to provide the best possible casino experience.

casinoThe same is often true for small casinos. They are usually not as well maintained as big casinos. They simply do not have the resources that big casinos have and are unable to offer a similar experience. In this case we also recommend that you choose to gamble online. Online casinos offer a larger selection of games and a better experience than most small casinos. Save your offline gambling to when you can travel to Las Vegas, Monaco or Macau.

The selection of games in most online casinos are in fact bigger than those you can find in even the worlds biggest casinos. Many online casinos offer well over 500 different games. Online casinos can offer an unlimited amount of games since they have unlimited floor space. Real casinos need to choose the games that earn them the most money. This is also the reason that online casinos allow you to play with a lot lower stakes then regular casinos. Online casinos often allow you to gamble as little as 1c a game. They do not need to pay rent or a dealer. A smaller wager is therefor better than no wager.

Online casinos also offer you the option to play all their games for free.


Online Casinos offer very large selections of games. They offer all games that you can play in a regular casino. Most online casinos offers all different types of games but there are some casinos that only offer certain types of games. An example of this is that there are a number of online casinos that focus exclusively on online slots. Other online casino focus mainly on black jack and so on.

Most casinos feature a mix consisting mainly of slots but that also includes large selections of table games, video poker, scratch cards, mini games, jackpot games and other types of games. Between 80% and 90% of all games in a casino is usually slots.

Most casinos get their games from third party game developers. This means that you can play the same games in a large number of casinos. There are a large number of casinos that are virtually identical except for different layouts. There are a very small number of casinos that only use their own games. These casinos usually provide games of lower quality than those that get their games from external developers

There are a small number of large game developers and a large number of smaller companies. The most well know of the large companies are Microgaming and NetEntertainment. Example of good small innovative companies include RabCat, ThunderKicks and Yggdrasil.

You should choose a casino that co-operates with large developers as well as a number of smaller ones. The more developers a casinos work with the more games they can offer.

Casino bonus

Most online casinos offer you a generous bonus when you join. You can read more about casino bonus on our bonus page.

Learning to play casino games

casino onlineOnline casinos offer you an excellent way to learn how to play different casino games before you visit a casino or a bar. You can be an expert before you ever set a foot in a gambling establishment and can avoid seeming inexperienced. This is especially beneficial if you are one of the many people who want to try casino games but are afraid of embarrassing yourself in the casino.

Just log in to an online casino from home and learn how to play all popular games. You can learn how the games, different bets and even optimal strategy work before you need to visit a real casino. This can give you the confidence needed for you to be able to really enjoy your first offline casino experience.

You can learn how to play different games betting micro stakes or play money. Using play money is completely free. I recommend that you play using micro stakes (or higher). The reason for this is that you will never experience the true feeling of gambling if you do not bet any real money. It is good to be familiar with the feeling of excitement that comes from betting real money before you go to the casino.