Other Games

There are a long row of other games that you can find in bars and night clubs. Most of them are usually best avoided. Below I am going to talk a little more about different games that you can find and if there is any weaknesses you should be looking for.

Casino Poker

casino pokerThere are a number of different types of casino poker that can be played in bars, night clubs and small casinos. Examples of such games includes 3 card poker, Casino Hold-em och Caribbean stud poker. All these games are best avoided. They all offer the casino a large edge and they have no common weaknesses that you can exploit that gives you an edge large enough to offset that edge.

The deck is reshuffled between each hand.

The one weakness that you can sometimes find when you play casino poker games is a dealer that lifts the cards too high when he is dealing so that you are able to see the dealers hand. This is only a benefit in casino poker games where you can affect the betting such as Caribbean stud poker.


Sometimes you can find establishments that offer poker. Poker in bars are usually a great place to make money. The tables are filled with drunk amateur players looking to have a good time. If you are good player you can earn a lot while entertaining these players. These types of games will also attract other hustlers. It is important that you never assumed that you are the only skilled player at the table. Never assume your the smartest person in the room. Play disciplined poker and act on the opportunities you are given.

Wheel of Fortune

These wheels are more common at fair grounds then they are in bars but you can still find them in some establishments. They are luck bases games that give the bank a large edge. A well maintained wheel can not be beaten. Sometimes you can find a wheel that is poorly balanced. This will cause some numbers to come up more often then they should. If this is the case then you can beat the wheel and make money.


Pontoon is a type of black jack. To learn how to beat this game you should read my guide to black jack.

sicboSic Bo

Sic bo is very rare outside casinos but can some times be found in Asian Establishments. The game can not be beaten without cheating and should be avoided.

Three card Monty

This and similar games are scams and should always be avoided.