Poker is the best game to play if you want to be able to make a living from your gambling. Sports betting is another good choice. Both these options make it possible to consistently win money over time. Both games reward skill and will always allow the best player to win money.

The techniques that I have described on this website do allow you to make a little money. If you want to be able to win more and perhaps even make a living than you should make becoming a good poker player you main focus.

pokerBecoming a good poker player is 80% hard work and 20% genetics. Any one can become a good player. A player good enough to make a living at the card tables. To become a good player will  require a lot of work and thousands of hours of training. The good part of this is that you can make money while you are training. You will just need to play for lower stakes than what you will do one you gained more experience.

The best game to play if you want to earn a lot of money is to learn to play Texas Hold-em. Texas Hold-em is the most popular poker game in the world and it is always easy to find a good table to play on. Other games such as Seven Cards stud and Badugi might be easier to beat because of fewer good players but I still recommend Texas Hold-em simply due to the larger amount of games. If you play a less popular type of poker it can be hard to find games. If you cant find a  then you can not earn any money regardless of how good you are.

It is possible to play poker in a number of night clubs and small casinos. These venues often offer very profitable games with a lot of drunk opponents. The stakes might be small but the players are often weak. I do however recommend that you choose to start playing poker in an online poker room like poker Stars or Full tilt poker.

There are several reasons to start gambling online. The first is that online poker is a great way to gain experience. You can play more hands online in one night than you can in a month playing in a casino. This is especially true of you play several tables at once.

pokerstarsIt is possible to make a living from online poker. You do not need to start playing in real casinos, poker rooms or other venue if you do no want to. It is possible to win millions each year playing online. It is not very hard to make a living playing online if you devote yourself to the pursuit of becoming the best possible online player.

Large online poker rooms give you the opportunity to play against thousand of players from all over the world. They make it possible to bet very small or very large stakes. You can start playing with small stakes and then you can increase the stakes as you bankroll grows.

The poker rooms also gives you access to a very large amount of different tournaments. They offer everything from free rolls and tournaments with very small stakes to high stakes tournaments. There are several weekly tournament that allow you to win enough money to buy a small house.

If you truly want to be able to make money gambling then there is no better way to get started than playing online poker. Online poker has given birth to thousand of new successful professional gamblers. New ones are getting started each day. There is nothing preventing you from being the next one.