Roulette in Nightclubs

Roulette is a game that is popular in many bars and night clubs. It is not as common as Black jack but can still be found in a large amount of different establishments. Roulette can be a good game to play in a bar but to be successful you will need to be knowledgeable about the game and know that far from all tables will be a good choice.

rouletteIt is impossible to consistently win money while playing roulette if the table and the dealer keeps a high standard. This is the reason that it is impossible to win money consistently in regular large casinos. They keep their equipment in perfect shape and their staff well trained. Bars do however often use cheaper equipment and poorly trained staff. This creates opportunity for a skilled gambler to earn money. In this article we are going to look a little bit more at the weaknesses you should be looking for.

The weaknesses we are going to teach you to look for can be found in bars, nights clubs and small casinos. They can almost never be found in larger well ran casinos.

How to play roulette

There are several different types pf roulette. A few examples is American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. American Roulette gives the bank the largest edge.

Roulette is easy to play. When you get to the table you will get specieall roulette chips. Each player has chips with a certain color. All you have to do is to place you bet on the table before the dealer close the table. Several players can make the same bet. You can make as many bets as you want. You place chips on the table to indicate the bets you want to make. If you are right you will get paid in accordance to the payout for the bets you made.

Roulette also offer calls bets. It can take some time to learn all the different call bets. I am not going to talk about the call bets here. If you want to know more about call best you can find a lot by googling roulette call bets.

Optimal Strategy

There is no optimal strategy that you can use when you play roulette. Any number is equally likely to come up on the next spin of the wheel. It does not matter if the same number have come up 10 times in a row. It is still just as likely to come up on the next spin. This feels wrong to many players but the ball has no memory. The odds are always the same for every individual spin.

Yes it highly unlikely that the same number is going to come up 10 times in a row. This does however not affect the likelihood of the same number coming up again.

Some bets will however give you better odds than others. If you want to maximize your chances to win you should chose one of the bets that gives the bank the smallest edge.

How to earn money

roulette wheelIf you want to be able to win money at a roulette table you will need to look for weaknesses that you can exploit. It is as earlier mentioned impossible to beat a well managed roulette wheel. The weaknesses you should look for can be divided into two different categories. Weaknesses caused by the wheel and weaknesses caused by the dealer.

Lets starts by looking at weaknesses in the table:

  • Is the table balanced. A roulette wheel is supposed to be perfectly balanced. The wheel need to be balanced to provide a random outcome. If the wheel is poorly balanced it will result in some numbers coming up a lot more often than they should. An unbalanced wheel make it very easy to earn money by playing on the numbers that are most likely to come up. The way to discover if a wheel is well balanced is to keep track of the number coming up over a large number of spins.
  • Is the wheel damaged: Does the wheel contain any small damages or scratch. Even small scratches or imperfections can make the ball jump or slow down. This in turn will make some number come up more often. The way to discover this it to carefully inspect the wheel. If you see a damage than you should inspect how that imperfection seems to effect the ball. With this information in mind you can start betting smart.

It is not very common that you can find damaged or unbalanced tables. It is much more common that you can find tables that are staffed by weak dealers.

  • Is the dealer closing the table too late. You are usual allowed to place bets while the wheel  is spinning. The dealer then closes the table for new bets. Some less skilled dealers will close the table too late. This will give you a good chance to predict where the ball is likely to stop. It is impossible to predict exactly where it will stop but you can  do an educated guess that will allow you to limit your betting to a cluster on the table. This is all the information you need to win a lot of money.
  • Is the dealer aiming for a certain numbers. It can be very boring to work as a dealer. This will cause some dealers to start aiming for certain numbers. A skilled dealer can do this well and never target the same number twice. Some times you will encounter less skilled dealers that are trying to learn this by targeting a special number. If you see this behavior you can earn a lot of money betting on the numbers around the target.

These are the easiest flaws that you can exploit in a roulette game. Once you get more experienced you will discover other weaknesses that you can exploit. Weaknesses that I will not reveal here.