Slot machines

You can sometimes find slot machines in bar and night clubs. The same is true for cruise ships and the lobby of some hotels. All these slot machines have one thing in common. You should never play them. They offer horrible return rate on your money and there is no legal way to beat them. It is not unusual that these machines have a return rate of less than 90%. This means that you lose one USD for every ten you bet. (on average). There is no reason to ever play these machines.

slot machinesAt this point you might say that the games are fun to play and that it is worth to loose a little money to play them. I have two things to say about this:

  1. This blogs focus is on making money not on having fun.
  2. You can play a large selection of entertaining slot machines online. These slot machines have a much better return rate. Often around 98%.’

This means that it always is better to play in an online casino than it is to play in a bar. The Rreturn rate is better and you will have access to a a selection of games that is a lot bigger than the selection that you will find in any bar. The games will also be a lot more well developed and more advanced. Many slot machines that you find in bars are often old and dated games. In an online casino you can play the very latest and most exciting games. The online casino will also feature a large selection of different classical games. It doesn’t matter if you want to play the latest most advanced slot games or a more classical game, an online casino is always the best option.

Slot machines are very suitable for playing online since they are electronic games to start with. There is very little difference between playing a slot in a regular casino, in a bar or in your home. The  experience will be similar. The experience in your home will in many ways be superior since you are able to play in a calm smoke free environment. If you prefer to have music in the background you can chose the music yourself.

It can with some merit be said that black jack and roulette never will be the same in an online casino. This is however not true in regards to slot machines. They offer the same experience in your home. The better return rate means that you can play a lot longer and get a lot more excitement for the same money. If you want to try playing slots online then you can do so for free in most casinos using play money. You can also choose to sign up for a free no deposit bonus. These bonuses makes it possible for you to play with money the casino gives you as a gift. If you choose to deposit money to your account then you will usually get a large bonus that gives you hours of free excitement.

slotsAnother benefit that you find online is that you can win a lot more money. Most slot machines in bars and night clubs give you the chance to win a few thousands. Some popular online slots will give you the chance to win more than $10 million when you bet a single cent. The next spin can always make you rich. Example on slots like this that can make you very rich include Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams, Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, Arabian Nights and many more. You can learn more about these slot machines here.

If you look at all the benefits that slot machines in online casinos can offer you in comparison to the slot machines that you can find in bars and night clubs it should become obvious that they always are a better alternative than the slot machines in the local establishments.

In my opinion the online casino is not only superior to the local bars and night clubs but also to all the worlds regular casinos. The statement above is true if you want to play slot machines. Online casinos offer a superior selection of slot machines compared to any casino in the world. They also offer better return rates. If you prefer table games and so on then the situation becomes more complex and it is hard to see one superior alternative.