Video poker

Video poker is one of the best games you can play in a casino. There are a number of types of video poker that allow you to consistently earn money if you are a skilled player. Some types of video poker have a return rate higher than 100%. They give you an edge against the bank. It is not all types of video poker that those this. Only a small amount of all machines are this generous. And only if you play a perfect game. The machines that give you an edge against the bank are called full pay machines. These machines are identified by their pay out tables and are usually found mixed in with other machines.

video pokerFull pay machines are very rare in bars and night clubs but you might be able to find one. If you do then it is likely that the bar owner doesn’t know what he  is offering so take care not to tip him of about it.

You should avoid playing video poker if you are unable to find full pay machines. These machines will cost you money to play. If you want to play video poker because you like the game and think is can be worth loosing some money then it will usually be a better option to play video poker online.

Online video poker allows you to play from the comfort of your own home without the smoke and noise of a bar or night club. Video poker is an electronic game to start with so it will look and feel the same if you play it online. Online casinos usually keep a larger selecting of different types of video poker then what you can find offline.

Some bars, nightclubs and online casinos will offer you level up and power video poker games. Both these can be fun to play but should be avoided. They offer the bank a larger edge the regular video poker.

Level up video poker is a type of video poker where you earn more if you win several hands in a row. Power poker is a game where you play several hands at the same time. Power poker let you play anything from 4 to 100 hands at the same time. The choices you make on the main hand are being mirrored on the remaining hands. Power poker gives a bad return rate because it is impossible to use optimal strategy when you play. Whatever choice you make it will benefit some hands and hurt others. Players who enjoy big swings tend to enjoy power poker.

Video poker online

Video poker is a great game to play online. The game mechanics remain identical to those in the machines you find in a regular casino. The pay outs are also the same as they are in regular casinos. It is however rare to find full pay machines in online casinos. An online casino that offer full pay machines would attract too many grinders that would cost the casino a lot of money. A regular casino can benefit from a gambler winning money in a full pay video poker machines. The full pay machines are mixed among regular machines. The player winning money on the full pay machine will attract players to the surrounding machines that make the casino money. Full pay machines are basically advertising for the other machines that makes money for the casino. Only a small number of players will know the difference between the two types of machines. An online casino will not benefit from full machines this way. Hence they can not offer them.

videopokerMany only casinos offer a large selection of video poker. Many of them have pay out rates near 100%. The number of different types of video poker can vary a lot between different online casinos. If you enjoy video poker you should always make sure that you register in a casino that offer a good selection of different games. Look for a casino that co-operates with both Microgaming and NetEntertainment. NetEntertainment and Microgaming both provide a large selection of video poker games.

Before you register at an online casino to play video poker you should know that it is common that video poker doesn’t count towards the wager requirement for the bonus. This means that you can never meet the bonus requirement playing video poker. You will need to play other games to do that. Other casinos count video poker bets towards the wager requirement with a fraction of their actual value. If this is the case then you can meet the requirement playing video poker but you will need to wager a lot to do so. Sometimes it is better to not accept any bonus if you want to play video poker.