Where to find games

I do not recommend that you go out looking for games to beat using the techniques I have discussed on this website. You will not make enough money for it t be worth the energy and risk involved. The techniques that I share on this websites are meant to help you benefit from opportunities that you happen on by chance.

I do not condone searching out these weaknesses actively. To do is predatory and might hurt business that are already struggling. To take advantage of weaknesses when you see them is a completely different thing.

whereSome gamblers prefer to keep the weaknesses they find secret so they can benefit from them in the future. Others tell the management when they leave so that the establishment can improve. My personal preference depends on the situation. If I am playing in a small mom and pop establishment I might tell them about the problem. If I am in a larger establishment or in an establishment that is part a chain I usually do not.

Some players think it is unethical to reveal the secret as it can hurt other players. Others think it is unethical to keep it a secret as that can hurt the business. I am not going to make an ethical argument for either option. I would however recommend that you never reveal the weaknesses you used to win money in an establishment if you are not 100% certain that the information will be appreciated. If you are not certain you should leave without telling any one. If you do tell someone that don’t appreciate your honesty they might accuse you of cheating and report you to the police or worse.

None of the techniques described on these pages are illegal or cheating. You are not changing the parameters for the game, just using those the establishment have created. This does however not prevent people from feeling that you have cheated and it can take some time to convince the police that what you have done is legal.

If you despite my advice above want to go out to look for weak tables then I am going to give you some advice. Poorly managed casino tables can usually be found in poorly managed bars and night clubs. It is unusual that you find weaknesses in the tables in well ran establishments.

Good games can usually be found in areas with a low average income. In areas where the tables do not earn enough for the owners to keep them in excellent condition and where they hire less established dealers. This unfortunately means that there is limited amount of money to win.

It is usually possible to see whether the games are likely to be well ran or not within seconds from walking into the establishment. Look whether the bar is well maintained or whether you can see visually damaged objects. If you can then it is likely that they don’t take care of the tables either. You should also look at how intoxicated the guest are. The more intoxicated the patrons are the less well managed the table have to be and still earn money.

It is less common that upscale establishments have poorly managed tables. When you find a poorly managed upscale establishment you can earn a lot of money.

Small casinos can often be poorly managed.

It is relatively common that the games in MC bars are poorly ran. I do however strongly recommend that you avoid gambling in these and if you do then you should limit your wins and leave before you attract attention.